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Easygen 3500

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The easYgen-3000 Series are control units for genset management applications. The numerous inputs and outputs, along with a modular software structure, permit you to use the easYgen-3000 Series for a wide range of applications. This includes stand-by, AMF, peak shaving, import-export, cogeneration or distributed genera-tion, among others. Also the easYgen-3000 Series is compatible for isolated, island parallel, mains parallel and multiple unit mains parallel operations. The easYgen-3000 Series controllers can be connected to network up to 32 gensets with automatic sequencing. The easYgen-3400/ 3500 devices are designed to interact with Woodward` s LS-5 Series controllers. The LS-5 Series are synchronizers and load share controllers with integrated protective functions. They are designed to enable complex power management applications with multiple mains and bus breakers in combination with easYgen-3400/ 3500 equipped genset controllers. The status of each LS-5 unit connected to the easYgen-3400/ 3500 can be visualized in the color graphics display for full system overview. The easYgen-3000 Series is available in two variants, the easYgen-3400 for cabinet back panel installation, and the easYgen-3500 with graphical color display and soft keys for front panel mounting. FlexAppTM – This feature provides the tools to easily configure the number of operated breakers: None, GCB, GCB and MCB, GGB ( Generator Group Breaker ) and additional modes for Woodward LS-5 device interaction. LogicsManagerTM – Woodward' s LogicsManager enables changes to the operation sequences and adaption to specific needs. The LogicsManager accomplishes this by monitoring a range of measuring values and internal states, which are combined logically with Boolean operators and programmable timers. This enables creation and/ or modification of control and relay functions. DynamicsLCDTM – The adaptive and interactive 5.7" , 320x240 pixel color graphical LC display with soft keys and a clear menu structure ensures intuitive user operation and navigation. • Provides full connectivity to Woodward` s LS-5 breaker protection and control devices to enable complex power management applications with multiple mains and bus breakers. 16 LS-5 units can be used in total in combina-tion with up to 32 Generators in one application. • In case transformers are used in the application, configurable voltages and vector group adjustment is availa-ble for the synchronization process. • Run-up synchronization is available to get several synchronous generators onto the load in a very short time. All generators are started with closed generator breakers. At the configured operating speed the voltage regu-lators are turned on and the voltage increases constantly to rated value. This method allows also to start-up a transformer without producing large in-rush currents. • Operation modes: Auto, Stop, Manual, and Load/ No Load test modes via discrete input possible • Breaker control: Slip frequency / phase matching synchronization, open-close control, breaker monitoring • Load transfer features: open / closed transition, interchange, soft loading / soft unloading, mains parallel • Remote control via interface and discrete/ analog inputs for adjusting speed, frequency, voltage, power, reactive power, and power factor set points • Freely configurable PID controllers for various control purposes, such as heating circuit control ( CHP applica-tions) , water level, fuel level, or pressure and/ or other process values • Special Scania S6, MTU ADEC ECU7/ 8, Volvo EMS2 & EDC4, Deutz EMR2, MAN MFR/ EDC7, SISU EEM, Cummins and Woodward E3 ECU support • Clear text display and evaluation of up to 100 J1939 analog values • Discrete and analog I/ O expansion board connectivity ( Woodward IKD 1 or Phoenix Contact IL series) • Multi-lingual capability